[Download] Frank Kern – The Maximizer Program 2

[Download] Frank Kern – The Maximizer Program

Download The Maximizer Program By Frank Kern

Download The Maximizer Program By Frank Kern

Get The Maximizer Program FREE When You Join The Network!

Sell Anything … $1,997 value
Perfect Process… $1,997 value
Followup Fortunes… $2,497 value
Becoming The One… $1,997 value
Perpetual Pipeline… $1,997 value
The Unbreakable Bond… $1,997 value
Faceless Fortune… $1,997 value
Infinite Scale… $9,997 value
TOTAL VALUE: $24,476

…But The Entire Program Is Yours, FREE When You Become A Member!


I am so grateful I said YES to the Network. I used the Ultimate offer today on my LIVE Webinar and we converted at 50%… my audience LOVED it and the orders are still rolling in and we didn’t even send out an email to the page yet.

– Tara M.

Here’s What You Get As A Member Of The Network!


If you’ve enjoyed working together during the Challenge, you’re going to LOVE being a member of The Network.

We have live video conferences to help you …EVERY DAY!


Every Monday, I’m avaialable to review your ads, your sales processes, your strategy …anything you need. It’s like being a Private Client (but without having to pay $40,000 per year.)


We also start the week by helping you script your content videos and your video ads. This session is led by Aaron Criner, the same Branding specialist that heads up projects for our $10,000 per month agency clients.


Ever wish there was someone who’d help you with all the tech stuff so you don’t have to deal with it! So did I! That’s why every Tuesday, we do exactly that. We can share screens, take over, and fix what needs fixing. IMPLEMENTING this stuff has never been easier.


We have Facebook Ad sessions …LIVE …twice a week. And the first one is on Tuesday. This is where we review ads, show you what new tricks are working best, and help make your campaigns more profitable …LIVE.


You know what’s better than getting copy feedback from your friends? HAVING A REAL COPYWRITER FIX IT FOR YOU! Every Wednesday. Live.

Our Lead Copywriter, Justin Dallas, is so good at copy he could write a sales letter for steak, mail it to a bunch of vegans, and end up sold out of steak.

If you want your copy to work, put Justin on it during Wednesday’s call and watch the conversions skyrocket.


We’ve all been there: You know what to do. You know how to do it. But you’re stuck.

That’s what Thursdays calls are for.

They’re led by Bryan Chesnut, a retired officer from the Navy SEALs.

If you get stuck, overhwlemed, or caught up in perfectionism, this will fix it.


You know how we fix ads on Tuesdays?

On Fridays, we review the changes and see what happened. And we fix what still needs fixing …and scale what’s working!

It’s like being the client of a high priced ad agency …except you’re not spending a ton of money and the ads actually work 😉


Wherever You Are, We’ve Got Your Back.
The Network is so much more than live video conferences every day …getting the help and support you need from actual experts.

It’s also a community.

For example, you loved all the support and comeraderie in the private Facebook group for the 5-day Challenge, right?

The Network is that …but multiply it by 100.

Here’s what sets it apart.

First, it’s in it’s own dedicated app.

You can access everything …the trainings, the updates, the video converences, the recordings …everything from a web browser on your computer …or from a specialized app on your phone.

And in addition to having all the content inside, it’s also got a community.

With over 700 active members (and counting), it’s a SOLID community at that.

And just like the private Facebook group, you can make posts, put up polls, ask questions …anything.

But the difference is …THIS IS JUST FOR US.

That means no distractions, no ads, no random people who somhow snuck in …this is truly an ultra-private elite community of entrepreneuers who are with you on-demand …no matter if you’re working at your desk …or standing in line at the bank.


Over the past four years, I’ve gone from saying “there’s no way I’ll ever have sales people” to now saying “I CAN’T BELIEVE HOW MANY MILLIONS I’VE LEFT ON THE TABLE BY NOT DOING THIS!

I’ll tell you.

As you saw in the challenge, it’s easier than ever to get leads …regardless of what you’re selling.

Well, one of the single most powerful sales messages are ones that are delivered by …REAL PEOPLE!

But not you. (Unless you want to).

Listen. I’m an introvert. And I hate the phone. And I’m NOT a “sales manager”.

But I’ve still managed to build a team of high perfoming, highly ethical (super important), sales people that I NEVER SEE and RARELY TALK TO!


Simple: Systems. I built systems and processes that basically “tee up” sales and appointments for my team.

This way, they’re never treated like pests, they’re only talking to people who are happy to hear from them, they don’t need to use any pressure, and they’re able to get sales.

NOBODY has seen this training. Ever. But in this bonus, I’ll show you my complete system …and I’ll show you how to build your own.

Starting on November 3rd of last year, I deloyed a new approach to high ticket sales.

I used a combination videos (not webinars …simple videos), surveys, and email sequences …to sell an $18,000 training.

Fast forward to the end of the campaign and we made $1,818,000.00 in COLLECTED revenue.

…And the campaign ended in in March.

We’ve since applied the same formula to sell higher ticket offers like consulting packages whenever we’ve felt like creating “cash on demand”.

It’s a simple approach and it works well.

And in this bonus, I walk you through the entire campaign, all the email sequences, the sales scripting, and everything.


As you know, online course sales are now in the BILLIONS annually. Literally.

Udemy ALON does over $500 million.

And with the way things are today, people are consuming more econtent than ever …and that means COURSES.

In this bonus, I’ll show you how to create a seellable ecours in ON WEEK.

And not only will it be sellable, it will be GOOD.

This is brand new material …with the emphasis beeing on getting it DONE, fast …while still making it high quality.

My logic here is this: The more courses you have to offer …well …the more you can sell 🙂

I’ve never offered this before and you can’t get it anywhere else. (And why would you want to …since you get it heree FREE as a bonus?)

And in this bonus, I walk you through the entire campaign, all the email sequences, the sales scripting, and everything.



I created this training last summer and sold it ONE time, ever.

And it was awesome.

It’s all about getting customers from ads OFF of Facebook …and building a brand through other channels as well.

In it, we go deep on two things:

1. Building a brand and getting customers from YouTube ads.

I didn’t mention this in the challenge, but we got 102 challenge members and just over 1,400 new opt ins by promoting this challenge through YouTube ads.


2. Retargeting with simple banner ads.

This is another “no brainer” strategy.

Showing banner ads to people who visit your website from your Social Media ads is super cheap …and they convert like crazy.

And this class shows you how I do it, how I make the banners (the uglier ones always win) and how I set up the ads.

Don’t leave sales on the table by ignoring this strategy.


You’re getting six proven email campaigns and their automations …including pre-written copy templates …”transplanted” into your marketing system so all you have to do is customize the words.

No tech stuff needed. We literally install these automated follow up systems into your email system for you!


Following Frank’s instructions TO THE LETTER! I now have a steady stream of sign-ups to my book funnel – about 10/day with a fairly low cost. Now working on Phase II of IBB!
– Jed W.

I am so grateful I said YES to the Network. I used the Ultimate offer today on my LIVE Webinar and we converted at 50%… my audience LOVED it and the orders are still rolling in and we didn’t even send out an email to the page yet.
– Tara M.

My win this week was that I finally started to restructure my content following the Escape and Arrival framework I found here in the Network. I can finally gradually become more strategic about what I product and post.
– Edita M.

Forgot to mention that I got my first sale on Cinco de Mayo (my 13th wedding anniversary)!!! … for my “Visual Guitar Music Theory” video/eBook course. Thanks for the help and inspiration, Network!
– John S.

I’m really really enjoying the content it’s blowing my m ind I might have to go to the hospital (just joking!) The team is phenomenal, keep up the good work!
– Max S.

Todays calls were awesome! It really felt like a team sport listening to the discussions! I’m rooting for everyone we heard from today! My bike thing is going fast and strong!
– Chris G.

Thank you for the great call yesterday on Mindset! I love your stories and learning more about how to get in the right mindset to push through when you are feeling overwhelmed. I loved exploring the idea of purpose and why it is important to start with “Why” since those are the ones that ignite your drive to get things done!
– Cristina K.

Thanks for all the help. This is getting easier and easier as I go! AND the information and support on The Network is incredible! It’s like having a shared ‘dream team’ all in one place. Thank you so much for all you do and thank the rest of team as well – collectively you guys ROCK!
– John L.

Went from dragging my feet to banging out a funnel in a few days – a huge boost on the personal side. I was starting from scratch on this one so the funnel is brought and imperfect …but it is DONE. A real win and confidence booster. We’ll see how it goes & keep tweaking & testing from here.
– John H.

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