[Download] Kevin Rogers – Escape Velocity Coaching Program 2

[Download] Kevin Rogers – Escape Velocity Coaching Program

Download Escape Velocity Coaching Program By Kevin Rogers

Download Escape Velocity Coaching Program By Kevin Rogers

What if there was a proven plan that made it easy to launch a freelance career from scratch?

It’s time to stop “winging it” and
take the guess-work out of freelancing

Getting started and landing those first clients is the hardest part.

That’s why I created Escape Velocity.

It’s a step-by-step training program on how to kickstart a freelance career, attract quality clients, and confidently deliver great work.

Struggling to find consistent work?
Need help building confidence in your copy skills?
Want to ditch the cheap, hourly gigs and land REAL copy projects?

– Joshua Bowen
“I officially got my first client!
Here’s the first of many thanks to the both of you!”

– Sammy Musgrave
Escape Velocity has been life-changing for me. I am putting in my 2 weeks notice today – bye bye boring day job!!

– Alex Weatherill
“Escape Velocity demystified the entire freelance process and showed me that even with ZERO knowledge you can still make it work.”

Ever wonder why some freelancers are flooded with high-paying clients while others stay trapped in ‘side hustle’ mode?

Why some copywriters are booked months in advance – even during tough times – while others constantly worry about where their next gig will come from?

I remember when I first launched into freelancing. I got sucked up into that “Information Spiral of Death.” I took course after course. Read book after book. Until a successful freelancing friend stopped me in my tracks when he said…

“You’re learning all this stuff. But do you want information? Or do you want to actually work?”

He was right. I had spent an entire year learning everything I could about copywriting and practicing alone at my kitchen table…

… But I was still completely lost as to how to land paying clients.

What should I be writing?

How do I create my portfolio when I’ve never had a client before?

How do I even know what a GOOD sample looks like?

What would I charge?

How do I collect the money?

What if someone says ‘yes’ and I’m in over my head?

What if my copy doesn’t perform?

And a hundred more unanswered questions standing in the way of creating escape velocity towards the freelance lifestyle I was dreaming of.
When I looked for help, it seemed like there were a ton of coaching programs out there designed to help existing, established businesses…

But none for new freelancers looking to prove the model and simply get paid good money for their freelance skills.

I didn’t need help scaling a massive business machine, I just need help getting STARTED with those first few clients. I needed expert guidance, and a proven plan to help me kickstart a sustainable business.

I was a recovering entertainer, so I had almost zero business skills.

I knew I couldn’t figure this out on my own.

I needed a SYSTEM to help me find clients and get paid for doing work I loved.

A system that would help me ditch the cheap, inconsistent hourly work and land REAL projects.

One that would help me develop the confidence I needed to deliver copy that works and charge good money for it.

To proudly wear the badge of “professional copywriter.”

That was the dream.
And most of all, I needed proof that I could actually make a real, consistent living with my copy skills. That my dream wasn’t just some wishful fantasy.

It wasn’t until I found an industry veteran who was willing to hold my hand, and guide me step-by-step that I realized I truly COULD launch and grow a successful freelance career.

Now, over a decade later, I can easily identify the things that would have made that whole awkward journey a heck of a lot easier. Like…

… A proven plan that’s already worked to help other freelancers launch a profitable career…

…. A way to focus and not get distracted by more information that doesn’t solve ‘right now’ challenges …

… A pricing and sales strategy that brings a constant flow of qualified leads and shows how to sell services like a pro…

… A clear process to take the guess-work out of working with clients, so I don’t have to “wing it” each time a new gig comes along…

… A seasoned pro to hold my hand throughout the entire process, keep me accountable, give me feedback, and help me develop confidence in my skills to deliver great work…

…Most importantly, a clear, step-by-step system to take me from part-time side hustle to well-paid freelancer who confidently wears the badge of “professional copywriter.”

That’s exactly why I created
The Escape Velocity Program

​To give new freelancers a clear roadmap to success as they build confidence in their skills and launch a freelance career from scratch.

To give them a “friction free” path to starting their business, landing quality clients, and getting paid great money to do work they love.

To give them the tools they need to manage clients and deliver great work like a pro.

And to give them a guide who’s been ‘in the trenches’ to give feedback and show them the way…

Someone who knows how to get past the sticking points when ‘self sabotage’ mode kicks in, imposter syndrome rears its ugly head, or they run into tough obstacles that slow them down.

– Leah Luong
“Before Escape Velocity I was floundering around and devouring free content from all over. I knew I needed a course, a coach to guide me. But I just didn’t know where to go or who I could trust.

Escape Velocity gave me a great framework to laser focus on and so much more – exposure to an amazing community with writers of all levels, direct access to pros, and confidence that I CAN do this despite what everyone else is telling me IRL. Seriously thank you so so much.”

Escape Velocity is designed to bridge the gap between first discovering the exciting world of freelancing, and proving that you’re ‘good enough’ to get paid well by great clients.

It’s built to give you complete control over your income – even during tough times – by helping you launch a “future proof” freelance business.

So if you feel like you’ve been absorbing courses, training, and resources like a sponge – but struggle to find a foothold to safely and successfully launch your freelance copy career – then Escape Velocity was made for you.

When You Finally Have A Plan You Can Trust, Launching Your Freelance Career Is Easy…
If you don’t know me, I’m Kevin Rogers, founder of Copy Chief and Escape Velocity.

I spent over a decade serving clients as a freelance copywriter, and I still remember how impossible it seemed to get those first few clients.

I went from my very first gig – stumbling through a simple email project for 300 bucks – to eventually earning $50,000 from a single copy campaign.

Along the way, I’ve made every mistake possible when it comes to attracting, landing, and delivering projects for clients.

I’m happy to report that, despite all my mistakes, I’ve been able to grow a 7-figure income freelancing, build a solid reputation in the industry, and create fantastic partnerships (and many lasting friendships) in the process.

Looking back, it’s easy to see what I was missing.

  1. A proven plan to help me build momentum (and cashflow) in my business quickly
  2. Feedback on my work to help me build confidence in my skills
  3. Expert guidance to help me avoid the common mistakes that stop many new freelancers from ever getting their business off the ground

Now I help freelancers avoid my mistakes and take the “friction free” path to building a sustainable, successful business.

I got tired of watching new freelancers struggle to get their business off the ground so they could quit their day jobs, spend more time with their families, and live life on THEIR terms.

That’s why I created the Escape Velocity Program – specifically to help new freelancers break through that barrier of finding your first few clients and getting paid to master their copy skills…

And to use my decade of industry connections to put them in the jet stream of the best gigs in the industry – helping them avoid all the low-level stuff and nightmare clients that so many new freelancers get trapped by.

The program is designed to break through what I call “The Confidence Conundrum”
– the vicious cycle of needing confidence in your skills to deliver great work for clients…

… but needing clients to develop that confidence in the first place.

I remember feeling terrified that I’d be in over my head if a client said ‘yes’ to a project I didn’t feel qualified for.

Escape Velocity is designed to let you “borrow” hard-earned confidence from this proven system that has worked for me and thousands of my students inside Copy Chief.

So you can take the guess-work out of applying for jobs and know exactly what clients are looking for in a copywriter. So you don’t feel like you’re “winging it” when you dive head-first into a new project.

We’ve all followed the same clear path to launching and growing successful freelance careers.
And now you can too.

By the end of this 5-part course, you’ll be able to:

  • Choose and develop your copywriting “money skills”– the most in-demand copy skills that clients are hiring for right now
  • Identify your ‘Unique Copywriting DNA’ so you can find clients that are the best fit for your specific skill set, background, and experience level
  • Find clients who need your specific money skills and value your work
  • ​Generate a constant flow of qualified new leads
  • ​Competitively price your services so you always get paid well for your work
  • ​Sell yourself as a professional copywriter so that clients see you as a valued expert
  • ​Design and structure your packages and contracts
  • ​Write and pitch a winning proposal
  • ​Master the sales call and close the deal
  • ​Legitimize your business so clients see you as a respected professional
  • ​Build lasting relationships with driven freelancers who will always have your back
  • ​And more…

PLUS – you’ll get a 30-day “All Access Pass” to the Copy Chief Community Forum. There you’ll have seasoned freelance copywriters answering your questions, giving you feedback on your work, and holding you accountable while you walk through this proven system step-by-step.

You’ll be building a network of talented “battle buddies” – backing you and helping make the process FUN as you join an active community of ambitious and creative freelancers.

There’s a reason our motto is “Nobody Writes Alone.” You’ll have to put in the time and effort of course, but thanks to this private community, I promise we’ll have a heck of a great time doing it!

In fact, I JUST received this message from one of our Escape Velocity students:

– Anna Iveson
In Escape Velocity, I got a client that nearly replaced my monthly corporate salary. The difference is I achieved it working about 20 hours a week, instead of 60 hours a week like I did at my corporate job!

– Josh Bowen
My first client came directly from Escape Velocity. He said he liked the posts and feedback I was giving, and he wanted to hire me. That one job paid for Escape Velocity!

I get messages every week from freelancers like Jess telling they’ve landed fantastic copy clients by using what they learned in Escape Velocity.

Am I bragging a bit?


I couldn’t be prouder of my students and what they’ve achieved. They’ve proven the model and gotten paid great money to confidently deliver great work to clients they love working with.

Many of them are now their own boss with their own full-time business. Others have chosen to work remotely for great companies. Some are working from home so they can watch their kids grow up. Others are traveling the world with other Copy Chief members as a band of nomadic copywriters.

That’s the beauty of freelancing – YOU call the shots!

Now it’s your turn.

– Jess Torrance
Freelancing is such an echo chamber sometimes, especially at the outset of your career. The EV community was *so* valuable for support, accountability, and to bounce ideas off of.

What’s Included?
Escape Velocity is a 5-part training program for copywriters who want to launch and grow a sustainable and profitable freelance business from scratch.
ESCAPE VELOCITY: es·cape ve·loc·i·ty /əˈskāp vəˌläsədē/noun

The minimum speed needed for an
object to escape from the
gravitational force holding it down.

The program includes:

  • 5 in-depth training lessons to help you launch your freelance business, find great clients, close the deal, and confidently deliver great work
  • 5 portfolio-building homework assignments to make sure you’re making consistent progress in your freelance career, and help you build real assets for your business
  • An interactive training dashboard where you can control and track your progress
  • ​A 30-day “All Access Pass” to the Copy Chief Community where you can get feedback on your copy and a connect with pro freelancers to inspire you and help you overcome tough challenges
  • ​An official “Escape Velocity Graduate” certificate of completion to celebrate your great work

At the end of the program you’ll have the skills you need to confidently launch and grow a successful and sustainable freelance copy business.

Many of my students land great new clients in the first few weeks!

– Annie Aaroe
The EV group has been such an inspiration and motivation. There’s so much spirit and drive here. Not to mention the feedback, ideas and wealth of talent that helps me grow as a copywriter. I didn’t know how to balance my life before EV. Now I feel like I have a plan. EV helped me narrow down a speciality so I can focus my learning and practice. I figured out through EV how to leverage my previous experience to create real value for my own freelance business and the skills I offer my clients.

Here’s how it works…

Over five training sessions, I’ll guide you to…

1. Determining your copywriting specialty

The fastest way to get up and running with new clients as a freelancer is to choose a specialty and put yourself in the jet stream of clients ready to hire copywriters right now.

In Session 1 I’ll show you how to use your existing knowledge to choose an in-demand specialty that puts you at a massive advantage over anyone calling themselves simply a “copywriter.”

2. Choose and develop your #1 “Money Skill”
In Session 2, you’ll match your specialty with a copywriting skill that’s in high demand with clients across the most active niches right now (like email copy, Facebook ads, and pre-sell landing pages).

3. Price and packaging your services to sell
In Session 3 you will price and package up the samples you create so your client has everything they need to make hiring you an easy choice.

4. Finding your ideal clients and pitching them your services
In Session 4 we’ll learn how to find clients who desperately need your money skill and meet are willing to pay good money for it. We’ll walk you through the outreach process to get in front of them, and put together a professional proposal that positions you as a respected, expert professional.

5. Connecting with your best clients and closing the deal
In Session 5 you’ll meet freelancers who recently launched their own careers through my flagship program, Real Free Life, and are now commanding top dollar with their specialties. Some have become so successful in a short time they are no longer accepting new clients because their calendars are completely booked. You’ll get the step-by-step playbook for what to say, and what not to say to close the deal with new clients.

After every training session, you’ll have a full two weeks to complete the assignments and create the assets for your freelancing business.

– Arnie Davidson
“The community at Copy Chief and Escape Velocity are both amazing and nurturing and unselfish. Qualities that are often promised, but rarely delivered.

I’m new to copywriting, but have always been self-employed. It was refreshing to hear about focusing on the Money Skills, rather than a kind of amorphous copying copy approach to success.

A big takeaway for me was ditching the dozens of copy advisors in my Inbox, realizing that everything that I need is right here.

Thank you for this program and amazing community. This place that feels like home.”

How Do I Know Escape Velocity Will Work For Me?

Even though I’ve coached thousands of freelancers through this same process, I know this stuff can be scary when you’re first starting out. That’s why I offer a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee.

Kevin’s Freelancer Success Guarantee

I want you to be 100% satisfied with your experience in Escape Velocity, so here’s how my guarantee works.

Within 30 days of the program’s start date, I want you to:

  1. Log into the private Escape Velocity training dashboard
  2. Attend the first 2 training sessions
  3. ​Complete the simple assignments.

After doing this, if you’re not convinced that Escape Velocity is right for you, then simply send an email to support [at] copychief.com for a full and immediate refund. No hassle, no worries.

Again, I’m only looking to help those who are open and ready to receive it. I believe this is the most fair way for you to test out Escape Velocity and make sure it’s a good fit. If you’re willing to do these 4 steps then I know, even if you decide not to stay, you’ll have gotten excellent value and maybe we’ll meet again another time.

If you’re the kind of person who likes to “collect” courses but rarely puts them to use, then I recommend you pass on Escape Velocity until you’re ready to commit. This program is designed and dedicated to creating real, actionable value for freelancers who are truly ready to “make it work” as a freelancer.

I want Escape Velocity to be the turning point in your career, just like it’s been for so many other freelancers (as you’ve seen in the stories on this page), so join us when you’re ready and let’s go “all in” together.

You deserve nothing less.

Sound good?

What’s It Cost?
The enrollment fee for Escape Velocity is $1490. That includes lifetime access to the lessons and resources in your personal training dashboard, the real-world homework assignments, and a 30-day “all access pass” to the Copy Chief Community.

In the Community forum you’ll get ongoing accountability and coaching from working pros to help you through the program.

To be clear, the live coaching program is not for everyone.

I want to make sure you’re investing in the program for the right reasons.

A lot of times I speak to freelancers who aren’t ready to invest in themselves and their business. They want to wait until they ALREADY have clients.

But the way I see it, you’ve got 2 options:

Option #1 – You can go off on your own and keep doing what you’ve been doing so far, hoping it all clicks for you without any guidance…

And in my 14+ years in the biz, I’ve seen freelancers take as long as 7 years to land a good client. Not for lack of effort, of course. But just because they’re repeating the same stuff that didn’t work for them, thinking it’ll “work out eventually.”

Or you can take Option #2 – Having a seasoned guide personally lead you step-by-step through a proven system that’s worked for thousands of freelancers in the past.

If you’re committed to making this a priority in your life, then Escape Velocity can shave years off the typical learning curve to landing your first clients and owning your new life as a professional copywriter. It can help you shortcut that huge, difficult process.

But only if you’re ready to take the leap and truly commit to making your freelance skills work for you.

That’s why I’m opening up the live Escape Velocity class to a limited number of students only. Go-getters. People who “get it” and who are truly ready to commit and make their freelance business a success.

Is that you?

This is the real deal. A system that’s been proven, tested, and successfully launched profitable careers for thousands of freelancers.

To be clear, the Escape Velocity program is not me simply showing you how it’s done. You’ll be putting the lessons into action in real time, so that by the end of it you’re already implementing and seeing the results.

I have seen this program change lives and careers. There’s nothing else to say, except:

Escape Velocity is a game-changer for anyone who wants to launch and grow a successful, sustainable freelance copy career.

Me and my co-coaches are going to personally help and guide you through the course. You’ll learn exactly how to find clients who need your money skills, price and sell your services, and deliver great work you can be proud of.

Escape Velocity is not only about getting paid for your copy skills. It’s also about how YOU think about yourself, your skills, and your ability to take control of your income and your life for the long run.

So if you’re…

  • Tired of struggling to find clients
  • Tired of getting underpaid
  • Tired of winging it and feeling ‘in over your head’
  • ​Tired of wondering if your work is “good enough”
  • ​Tire of worry about where the next project will come from
  • ​Tired of wondering what to charge
  • ​Tired of panicking when someone asks you for samples or your rates
  • ​Tired of attending conferences and events and feeling like you haven’t made progress you’re proud of
  • ​Tired of stumbling forward on your own without someone who’s done it all before to help
  • ​Tired of seeing people with less drive and ambition than you build successful freelance careers

​Then Escape Velocity will give you the tools, the plan, accountability, and the hands-on coaching to launch a profitable and sustainable freelance career and start getting paid good money for your copy skills.

Plus, it will put you into a network of other successful and supportive freelancers who’ve made the leap and are reaping the rewards.

If this feels like a good fit for you, claim your spot by clicking the link below.

Will you become my latest success story?
I can’t think of a reason why not.

Click here to get started with your training and get access to the Copy Chief Community.

I look forward to seeing you there.


Kevin Rogers
The Chief

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