[Download] Lukas Resheske – New Email Masters 2

[Download] Lukas Resheske – New Email Masters

Download New Email Masters By Lukas Resheske

Download New Email Masters By Lukas Resheske

Can You Write A Simple Email?
If So, You May Never Have To Worry About Your Job Or Livelihood Ever Again

Instead, you’ll be in high demand by thousands of big businesses with deep pockets, ready to pay you for your skills as an Email Copywriter.

Business owners are paying freelancer copywriters rates between $20-$200 per email. And if you learn a few simple but powerful tricks, you can join them immediately…no degree needed, no license needed, and not even needing a website, prior experience, or special talent.

These are big claims, I know. But I’ve seen it happen over and over and over.

Take Lachie Kuchel, a student of my programs. He’s 18 years old, and when he started my program, he knew absolutely nothing about email, marketing, or copywriting.

By the time he finished the program, he had:
Paid off the full cost of the tuition
Gotten 3 clients and one repeat client
Sent multiple emails that earned his clients money!

I’m showing you testimonials early for one reason:

Your biggest objection to doing a program with me is going to be some form of “Is this real?” “Does it work”, and ‘Will it work for me?”

The answer to all three of those questions is YES

So, with that out of the way, I’d like to take you on a quick journey. There’s important information you need to know about Email Marketing and Email Copywriting if you’re going to make this a lucrative career.

A Global Shift In Marketing
It didn’t take the Coronavirus crisis for people to realize that modern business is done primarily online.

But, once everyone was stuck indoors, I think people noticed just how ubiquitous it was.

You simply cannot run a business if you’re not marketing, selling, and delivering service online.

This fact is true for ALL businesses, not just internet-based businesses.

A landscaper still needs a website, a presence on Google Maps and other local directories, and quality copywriting to differentiate themselves from the other 25 landscapers in their zip code…

A cupcake bakery needs to show off their wares on social media, attract clients from outside their location, and bring repeat customers back into their store.

A large multinational conglomerate needs to send email communications to their subsidiaries and customers on product updates, new promotions, and special deals.

It’s just a fact that business needs to be conducted online.

Some businesses need Social Media…others do not.
Some businesses need a fancy website…others just need something incredibly simple.
Some businesses need e-commerce platforms…others just need a way to connect with potential customers.

That means Websites, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn, Blogging, and almost every other type of marketing online
is NOT always necessary…

Except…for Email.

Email is the one constant. Email is literally everywhere and you cannot escape it if you are going to be present online.

You need an email to receive login information, passwords, and user information.
You need an email to buy products online.
You need an email to set up a social media account.
You need a business email address if you’re working at a job OR if you run your own business.
You need a personal email if you want to keep work and life separate.

It is nearly impossible to exist online without an email address.

The data pans this out. As more people enter the internet, even in developing countries, the number of email addresses registered and used is growing at the same, or even higher, rates.

Ok, so what?
Here’s the interesting thing…

Even though Email is everywhere, and every single business has to use it…


Even though Email is consistently ranked as the Number 1 channel for marketing ROI for all businesses…

Most businesses are not emailing effectively…or even at all.
Many businesses are neglecting their email lists.

The businesses who aren’t are STILL in a constant battle to send valuable, interesting, and profitable emails to their list on a consistent basis.


Because email marketing takes Time, Consistency, and Special Expertise.

If you’re a small business, you don’t have time to write emails consistently…and you don’t have time to learn the correct way to manage a list, write compelling copy, or segment your lists effectively for the highest value.

So you hire someone who does.

If you’re a big business, you’re probably paying multiple people to write your emails.

That’s where you come in
Email Copywriters are in HIGH demand…and really good email copywriters are rare.

Combine those two economic forces, and you have a recipe to charge $20…$50…even $250 per email with almost zero price resistance.

Plus…you only need to know a couple key things in order to write emails that are WORTH that much.

Here’s how it works:

A business owner will pay you to write an email. Let’s say he’ll pay $50.

It costs him ZERO to send that email. So his total cost is $50 for marketing.

If that email goes out to his list, and he makes $100, he’s made a 100% profit.

But, more likely, the email will make him $500…$1000…maybe even $10,000 in profit, depending on the size of his list and the value of his offer.

Sound crazy?

It works no matter what industry you’re in.

Let’s say a Roofer has a list of 500 people that have “opted in” on his website for more information about his services.

If you send an email to that list of 500 people, it costs him $50 to hire you.

If he gets 1 single new project from that email, he makes $10,000+ from that roof.

Would you pay $50 to make $10,000?

But here’s the real secret…

Roofers aren’t good marketers. They probably won’t make good clients…you’ll have to convince them to send emails, and that’s too hard.

Why not just work for someone who’s already sending a ton of emails to their list and making good money from it?

Internet based companies sending emails nearly every day. They understand the value of email. So when you say you charge $50 per email, they say, “I’ll take 10, when can you start?”

This is exactly what happened to Lachie. He emailed a potential client, charged a measly $20 per email, and got a contract for 30 emails…netting him $600. It probably took him a few hours to write all those emails, but for an 18 year old kid straight out of high school to close an invoice for $600…and then get rehired to do it all over again?


I can keep going with evidence, proof, and a bunch of other data that will leave absolutely no doubt in your mind that this is real.

I can show you how A.D. got a list of 700,000 unused, un-emailed names and proceeded to do more sales in a month than the company had made the whole last year IN THE MIDDLE OF A QUARANTINE.

I can show you how I personally set a daily sales record for my client in the heart of COVID-19 Panic using nothing but email.

I can show you how another student, John Nguyen, got clients and got paid during the crisis.

I can show you mountains of data that prove Email is going NOWHERE, and is actually becoming a more effective marketing channel as time goes on.

I can show you how more buyers, not just “info-seekers” use email as their main sales education channel.

But instead, I’d like to invite you to join my New Email Masters Program and prove it to yourself.

This is an elite Training + Coaching program. You’ll learn exactly how to write emails that sell, and you’ll learn how to find high paying clients for your services.

Then, you’ll participate in The Gauntlet, which is a ‘trial by fire’ where you’ll get Personalized, unique feedback on your copy, your client getting emails, and your applications for gigs.

Then, once you complete the Gauntlet and are cleared by me and my trainers…

You’ll get the opportunity to write for my own personal clients, LIVE, so you can see your emails in action.

There isn’t a single program on the planet that is offering this to anyone right now.

Everyone else is offering information and coaching.

I’m offering In The Trenches, Real World Experience AND Personalized Feedback.

So the options are pretty simple, really…

IF you want to make this a real source of income and skills for yourself,
this program is the best possible choice you can make.

Here are the full program details:

✅ The Science Of High Converting Email Marketing, where I breakdown the 2 Core Email Types and how they’re used to increase sales and retention.

This is essentially my entire email copywriting framework. How to write them, when to write certain kinds, and the science behind making strategic decisions like “what should I write about”

Every business I implement this in sees their open rates double or triple and stay there over time. Their revenue obviously improves as well from this. 🙂

✅ Getting Email Copy Clients, where I show you exactly who the best clients are,

how to find them online,

how to approach them to start conversations,

and how to close $2,000-$5,000 per month retainers WITHOUT hard selling.

Because Email copywriters are the “Hidden Desire” most business owners have, there’s a specific way to talk to them that unlocks this need to hire you at whatever rate you choose.

But most copywriters aren’t doing this, which means you’ll have a Blue Ocean of clients to choose from!

✅ The Gauntlet: The world’s first sales training for email copywriters.

This is a brainchild of Jex’s and mine, because we see copywriters struggle to close deals when they don’t understand sales.

So, rather than giving you a pitch script (which doesn’t work) we decided to do something better:

We’re running a sales gauntlet. You’ll apply to our private “gig”, get real feedback as if you’d sent it to a client, and we’ll critique your approach, samples, and messaging to make you a more effective email copywriter.

It’s intense, and you might not like it. But it will help you understand exactly what happens after you hit “send” on your application or “friend” on Facebook.

✅ Write for LIVE client projects and receive actual results.

IF you fully complete the program, AND you pass the Gauntlet, I will give you access to something no other course can offer:

I will run your email copy to one of the lists I manage, and you will get real-time analytics and data on your results.

If you’ve ever wondered, “how can I get results for clients if I don’t have clients?”…this is the answer.

You will have tangible data to screenshot, use in your marketing, and talk to prospects about. If you perform extremely well, you may even earn a testimonial.

✅ Bonuses:

In addition to core curriculum, which is something no other email course has ever offered, you’ll get these bonuses:

🤯 The “Double Your Retainer” mini-course. Once you’ve got your clients, here’s how to persuade them to increase your retainer and stick with you long term.

This is how I built my copy business initially…just stacking up the retainers until I was financially independent.

🤯 365 Email Prompts: never stare at a blank CRM again. I don’t do templates, I think they are overused. And prompts give you what you really need – something to jump off from and create a new, exciting subject line and body copy.

The tuition for this Elite Training + Coaching is $2000

However, if you found this page, it’s because you’re part of the Private Invite group…either you’re on my private email list, or I’ve sent you a private link personally.

The Private Invite Price for NEM is $1000 (50% off retail) This price is only available temporarily while I build the cold-traffic funnels to sell NEM.

Based on prior student results, it’s likely that you’ll recoup the tuition very quickly, but understand this: nothing happens in a vacuum. You need to put forth an enormous amount of effort if you want to succeed at anything. If you don’t use the content, you’ll get zero results. If you only use part of the content, you’ll get subpar results or no results at all. If you don’t avail yourself of all the resources and coaching, you’re on your own and your results are 100% up to you.

What My Peeps are Saying…

Lizzie Mills
$22,000/mo in 14 days
Lukas’ coaching is the first copywriting training that we literally listen to over and over again…. and actually keep getting new insights from!

Delia Ursulescu
$25,000/mo increase in conversions
I created a long sales page for a client. After 11 days, my page conversion rate at 2% while their original copy is .94% (they only sent 10% of the traffic to my page, but we had a decent amount of visitors).

To this client, a 1% increase in 11 days is worth $14,000. Over the course of each month, this improvement can bring in at least $25,000 more per month for the client.

And I only implemented a few of the things I’ve learned in your class. Pretty happy with this first test. Thank you!

Brian Mead
$7.1 Million in client revenue
Lukas’ copywriting mentorship is literally life changing! Since I’ve went through it, I’ve written copy for multiple 6,7,…and even 8 figure entrepreneurs & companies.

…and get them RESULTS! (because what Lukas teaches WORKS)

I went from “living” at my moms house (if you call whatever I was doing living…), struggling to grow FB ads agency by working 14hr days…

…to now living in a nice apartment downtown. Working part-time, making a full time income.

Oren Klaff
Author of “Pitch Anything”
& Raised over $1B in Capital.
Lukas Resheske’s workshop in Marina del Rey was amazing! I immediately put everything to work. Lukas really knows what he is doing. This is a no fluff- leave with results kind of workshop.

Dr. Anthony Balduzzi
Special Guest on the Steve Harvey Show
The sales letters and videos that Lukas created for us literally produced over millions of dollars in revenue. So I’d say that’s a thumbs up! Lukas is just NEXT LEVEL when is comes to the whole picture and what it takes to develop a high converting project.

Josh Turner
CEO for one of Inc. 5000’s
Fastest Growing Companies!
Lukas Resheske did more than write great copy. He was a creative partner in the whole process. He came up with our big idea and core premise… which was an anchor for our entire marketing campaign.

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