[Download] The Netcore Inbox Expo 2021 2

[Download] The Netcore Inbox Expo 2021

Download The Netcore Inbox Expo 2021

Download The Netcore Inbox Expo 2021

This event is dedicated to the memory of Waleed Al-Uzaizi
Waleed introduced Andrew Bonar to doing business on the internet

From event organiser Andrew Bonar “Waleed Al-Uzaizi.. RIP A good Man. Best Friend to my father for nearly 50 years, brother to my mother, godfather to my brother, father of 4 wonderful women and one young man, favourite uncle to many. My Uncle, Friend, Confidante and Mentor. Now at peace.”

The theme of the 2021 Inbox Expo is “Respect!”
The INBOX EXPO conference is about email and its related technologies. Our content covers the entire gamut from marketing to security, deliverability and anti-spam.

Inbox Expo is the one event that gurus, practitioners, and technologists all attend.
From those who are new to the business of email, marketing automation, deliverability and compliance through to seasoned experts have something to gain.

4 Days, 90+ Speakers and Panelists, 1000 Delegates, 30 Exhibitors & Sponsors

  • LEADERS KEYNOTES – We will hear from experts in accessibility, best practice, compliance, deliverability (did you see what we did there?)
  • VIRTUAL EXPO BOOTHS – Get to know 30 vendors, agencies and associations. Get to know them in the Expo and claim exclusive Special Offers only available to our delegates.
  • INDUSTRY NETWORKING – More ways to network than most industry events. Schedule 1on1’s, schedule small group meets (4pax), adhoc 1on1 networking, networking breakouts.
  • WORKSHOPS/TRAINING – We are running workshops on a series of topics from marketing to privacy and deliverability. From Advanced Email Marketing Strategy to BIMI Fundamentals.
  • PRODUCT DEMOS – Discover new platforms or rediscover old, No need to speak to sales people or account managers, No registration forms or scheduling an appointment. A mix of view on demand and live product demos will be available.
  • RISING STARS – We provide ample stage time to new and as yet undiscovered speakers that are experts on a matter of all manner of subjects. Fresh faces, fresh ideas and fresh voices.
  • EMAILEXPERT CERTIFICATION – We provide delegates a range of certification options. VIP and All Access pass holders have access to additional workshops and certifications.
    Read more.

Ticketing Options
Any ticket provides you access to the Expo hall with 30 exhibitors and special offers. The Expo Only Pass provides access to the Expo Stage and Exhibitor Area it does not provide you view on demand to recordings after the event, nor the Main STage. The All Access and VIP Pass provide access to all stages and some additional workshops.

🏆 Those Sessions Marked with a Trophy are on the Netcore Main Stage and Require an All Access Pass

❤️ Those sessions marked with a heart are on the Expo stage and available with any paid ticket

🎵 Those sessions marked with a music note are available for Free Entry to all ticket holders

🇳🇱 Those sessions marked with Dutch flag are available on dutch language only with Dutch Day ticket type or All access Pass

We feature speakers from top brands such as Google, Adobe, Oracle and Linkedin. Leaders in eCommerce like DeinDeal AG, Purple traditional leaders like Phillips and The RAC and third sector including Help for Heroes and Change.org. Senior members of leading security and anti-spam organisations including Spamhaus, SURBL, Invaluement will all be speaking.

You will find our delegates are a diverse group of vendors, influencers and brand side professionals at all stages in their career. It is a must attend attend event for many from students to the C Suite at the leading marketing automation and deliverability companies as well as leading influencers in the email geeks community. You will find all levels of experience and seniority represented from CMO’s and Founders, to email designers, CRM Managers, deliverability engineers and compliance specialists.

In its second year Inbox Expo is the one event that gurus, practitioners and technologists all attend. It is a conference, a crash course, an exhibition and a networking event.

Multiple Stages, Multiple Tracks & Breakout Areas
4 days of immersive networking, learning and making connections.
Experience an email marketing conference, summit and expo unlike any other.

What does Inbox Expo Offer?

  • Learn from Industry Leaders: speakers from companies like Google, Linkedin, Spamhaus, Adobe, Change.org, Phillips and many more.
  • 5 Ways to Network: 1-to-1, group sessions, breakouts, moderated lounge, text & video chat
  • Vendor Showcases & Product Demos: Dozens of demos in one place and no hard sell
  • Exclusive Offers & Discounts: Explore Expo Vendor Booths to access very special deals
  • In Depth Workshops: Get beyond soundbites with tailored premium workshops
  • Specialist Round Table DIscussions: By invitation round table discussions and panels
  • Certifications in various tracks (BIMI Fundamentals anyone?)

What will I learn by attending?

There will be over 60 hours of content made available over the 4 days so what you choose to learn really is up to you. But the opportunity exists for you to learn:

  • How you can utilise the latest in email technology, what is new with video in email? AMP? BIMI?
  • How to make the most of interactive email design, indeed should you make use of it at all?
  • About the success and failures of email marketers who were forced to adapt to Covid 19
  • Effective tips for growing your email list no matter your vertical
  • How to adapt your email program in 2021 to reflect the new economy
  • Overcoming challenges to reaching inbox consistently, everything you ever wanted to know about deliverability
  • Achieve better results from your program across all metrics
  • What are the email metrics that really matter and how do you utilise that knowledge to make a difference?
  • How do you ensure you email programs are legally compliant in an ever changing privacy landscape?

Presenters ⇓

Henry Lach

Elliott Ross
CEO and Co-founder, Taxi for Email

Arne Allisat
Head of Mail Application Security, 1&1 Mail & Media Applications

Florian Vierke
Senior Manager, Deliverability Services, Mapp Digital

Neharika Sharma
Senior Manager – CSM, Netcore Solutions

Wilbert Heinen
Digital Marketeer / Email Developer, Centraal Beheer

..and many more…

Exhibitors ⇓

Netcore Solutions
Industry’s first AI-powered email delivery and reliable home for 5K+ enterprises for sending their emails to the inbox.

Mapp Digital
The Fastest Growing Insight-Led Customer Engagement Platform.

Validity – Trust your data. Any time. Every time.

The global leader in identities, payments, and data protection. Securing a world in motion.

Red Sift
Block impersonation and protect your brand

A premium marketing automation platform

Supercharge your teams inboxes

..and many more…

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