[Download] Mariah Coz – The Accelerator Program 2

[Download] Mariah Coz – The Accelerator Program

Download The Accelerator Program By Mariah Coz

Download The Accelerator Program By Mariah Coz

How to Create a Full Time Income With Online Courses
Watch the Exclusive, Advanced Training with Mariah Coz

Learn our 3-Part Framework for consistant, year-round course sales without the feast and famine.
Watch the replay of the private training and Q&A below before it expires!

Accelerator Q & A Session

Got questions about the Accelerator program? My actual Accelerator clients and I answer the most common questions we get from soon-to-be clients in the video here, and they share about their experiences in the program.

You can also just shoot us a message using the chat function in the lower right hand corner of this page!

(Don’t worry – we’ll get your message even if we’re offline and get back to you ASAP!)!

Build your profitable, evergreen online course empire, without the feast & famine or hustle.

You are done trading hours for dollars, capping your income with 1:1 client work, and living with that nagging feeling that you are meant to impact so many more people.
Because today is the day you decide that you are a Course Creator building an Online Course Empire that is designed to perfectly suit your personality, your strengths, your income goals and your lifestyle.
Finally, you can get EVERYTHING (and I mean everything) you need to build your 6-7 figure course empire, in one place. This is the program where you will master the entire holistic ecosystem of a 6-7 figure course business.
No more piecing together random strategies from 10 different places and hoping it works, barely moving the needle and feeling more confused than before.
It’s time to become the architect of your life and business.

Strategic simplicity.

There’s a lot of moving parts to an online course business. Webinars, launches, evergreen funnels, and oh yeah …actually running the course! It’s a lot to wrap your head around, but there’s no reason for it to be so complicated.

And definitely no reason to do it alone.

The Accelerator is our ‘do it together’ group coaching program for self-motivated entrepreneurs who want to create an online course business – the simple way.

We’ve helped hundreds of our clients escape the feast or famine, generate consistent sales, and make more money teaching what they love.

Now, it’s your turn.

We’ve developed the simplest path to creating and launching your course business, and building the evergreen sales systems for year-round, consistent profits.

  • You’ve been thinking about launching your online course business for months or even years, but have struggled to get it off the ground.
  • You are maxed out with clients, coaching or freelancing, providing services and know you need a scalable income stream to break free of your current plateau.
  • You dream about the freedom and impact that comes with being a ‘celebrity’ course creator in your niche, but you don’t even know where to start!
  • You want a course business – with minimal overhead, something designed around YOUR lifestyle and your unique personality, but you keep putting it off to finish ‘just one more client project’ (even though you know deep down, the only way to break out of that vicious cycle is to create a course!)

Maybe you already have a course business…but it’s barely growing and you are tired of trying to piece together random marketing strategies. You want to scale to 6 or even 7 figures. You just want a solid plan that has worked for hundreds of course creators before you!

You just want someone to hand you the WHOLE blueprint for building a successful, thriving, online course empire without the messing around and guesswork.

It’s time to build a thriving, sustainable online course empire that grows month after month.
By implementing our strategic ecosystem of launches, automated evergreen funnels,
list building and webinars.
The Accelerator is like an MBA for course creators.

Look, I know you’ve read the blogs and eBooks about how to create a profitable, evergreen online course business – but you feel more confused than ever, trying to piece together how to create a course, launch, and building an evergreen funnel on your own, with no help.

You’re committed to making it happen! You want this course dream to be your reality. But you are overwhelmed by conflicting information and too many things you “could” do.

You wish someone would just take you by the hand and guide you through each step in order, and that you had a community of incredible, ambitious humans like you to support you on this journey.

You need the training, tools, templates and support from someone who has done this with hundreds of clients over years and years…

Oh hi … that’s me! I’m Mariah, and I’m here to help you build a thriving, consistently profitable course business without the feast and famine or the hustle.

Imagine what it will feel like when you finally create and launch your course, seeing your happy students chatting in your community and seeing the payments come in as you provide value in your course group.

Imagine what you’re going to feel like once you’ve set up your own automated evergreen funnel system, perfected your online course delivery, have a proven plan for sustainable growth every month, and are finally feeling truly FREE every day.

  • You wake up and see an email from another student who tells you that your course completely changed their life, thanking you for making your work available online!
  • You get to take a few weeks off with your family over the summer without worrying about your revenue dropping, because your Evergreen Engine is humming along all the time.
  • Your friends and family tell you that you just seem more confident in yourself, and you finally feel that deep fulfillment from your work, knowing you are impacting people all over the world (even though you work from home in your PJs!)

Whether you want to travel the world (like our client Paige), make more money than you could imagine while working part time hours and focusing on your family (Like our client Abbey) or take 6+ months off every year to go hiking and adventuring (like our client Becca), an online course business allows you to design your life around you.

“My evergreen funnel does $60k/month without ads. And I had a $211k launch! Mariah Coz is the real deal. I’ve literally made hundreds of thousands of dollars on my courses implementing her ideas!”


“I wanted to set up a funnel because I wanted my audience to have the option to get into my courses in between the regular enrollment periods in case they found me or are looking for the answers in my course right away! My funnel has a 3.91% conversion rate and easily adds another $10k to my income every month. Mariah’s funnel plan just works! It’s absolutely amazing to be on vacation for weeks at a time and check in on my business to see that it’s both serving students well and bringing in a great income in the process, all while I have the freedom to be off doing something I love, traveling!”


“I just tallied up all our sales since we launched [our evergreen funnel] last year, and so far we’ve brought in over $100k, with an average of $12k/month over the last 5 months. The BEST part about this was that I have been traveling my butt off for the past 5 months! I spent 2 months in my camper van in BC, hiked over 350km on 4 different multi-day backpacking trips where I was TOTALLY offline, spent a week in Vegas with family, ALL while I was traveling and living my best life 🙂 If you have been hesitating on getting those funnels up, DO IT!”


You’re ready to grow your own online course ecosystem, but you’ve got a lot of questions!
“How do I choose a profitable course idea?”
“How do I market and sell my course?”
“How can I automate the process of sales and delivery?”
I know, there can be a lot of questions and confusion at the beginning of your journey to creating an online course business. If you don’t have a plan to follow, it can be easy to make some critical mistakes, get off track, and never end up at the finish line.

Without guidance and support, you will inevitably come up against challenges you didn’t anticipate (lucky for you, I’ve been doing this for years with hundreds of clients so I have seen it all and overcome it all!).

That’s why I created The Accelerator and put together the ultimate mastermind for course creators!

We combine high-touch support, coaching, personal feedback on your work, and the world-class training, tools and templates to make sure you have everything you need to build your dream course business.


The Accelerator is like no other program you’ve experienced before.
We provide fill-in-the-blank templates for launch emails, webinar slides, sales pages, evergreen webinar funnels — it’s all in here. The tools, templates, and strategies in this program will save you hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of dollars in wasted time and money.

We combine the step-by-step training and plug-and-play templates with an insane level of support through weekly coaching calls, personal feedback on your work, and even 1:1 calls when you reach certain milestones. You will be surrounded by 6- and 7-figure course creators in our exclusive community, which just helps you level up that much faster.

The result is that you have everything you need to create a consistently profitable online course business that allows you to serve your students and teach what you love.

♦ The Investment


  • 12 Months Access to The Accelerator Program
  • Weekly Group Coaching Calls
  • Weekly Review of Your Work
  • 1:1 Milestone Calls with our Coaches
  • Access to all of the Templates, Training, Tools, Scripts, Resources to create, launch and scale an evergreen online course!
  • Access to our premium courses: Launch Your Signature Course®, Webinar Rockstar®, and Evergreen Engines™
  • Everything you need to create, launch, evergreen & scale your online course business
  • BONUS: Map Your Model Annual + Quarterly Planning System for Course Creators
  • BONUS: Upsells Training
  • BONUS: Giveaway Flash Sale Templates
  • BONUS: Advanced Product Suite Training
  • BONUS: Live Paid Virtual Workshop System
  • BONUS: Flash Sale System
  • BONUS: Icons of Online Courses Virtual Conference Recordings Vault
  • BONUS: Early Access to Live Event Tickets



  • 12 Months Access to The Accelerator Program
  • Weekly Group Coaching Calls
  • Weekly Review of Your Work
  • 1:1 Milestone Calls with our Coaches
  • Access to all of the Templates, Training, Tools, Scripts, Resources to create, launch and scale an evergreen online course!
  • Access to our premium courses: Launch Your Signature Course®, Webinar Rockstar®, and Evergreen Engines™
  • Everything you need to create, launch, evergreen & scale your online course business
  • BONUS: Map Your Model Annual + Quarterly Planning System for Course Creators
  • BONUS: Upsells Training
  • BONUS: Giveaway Flash Sale Templates
  • BONUS: Advanced Product Suite Training
  • BONUS: Live Paid Virtual Workshop System
  • BONUS: Flash Sale System
  • BONUS: Icons of Online Courses Virtual Conference Recordings Vault
  • BONUS: Early Access to Live Event Tickets
  • + BONUS: 60 Minute 1:1 Call with an Accelerator Coach



I’ve worked with hundreds of people to launch their courses over the years. Thousands of students have gone through my programs. These are just a few of them. Please remember, they all worked very hard to become successful and your results will vary depending on many factors.

“You cannot put a price on having someone literally walk you through the exact path to getting your business to the next level. I’m so grateful that I invested, because I can see the change being made. In two years, I’m going to write Mariah and Megan a note saying “Thanks for helping me get to 7-figures”, which is how confident I am in my ability and the foundation that this course is laying for me.”


“I have bought a lot of Mariah’s courses so I was a bit hesitant to invest. Without a doubt, my course would have been a completely different course without The Accelerator. The guidance to do it RIGHT the first time is absolutely worth it. I have learned WAY more than I thought was possible in these last few weeks and I would never have been able to create these things at warp speed on my own. The group setting has been incredibly valuable. I’m struggling to even do it justice. Seriously, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Mariah, you have not only helped me to build out this course, but you have changed the way we do business.”


“Grateful to be making money in my sleep with my new funnel up and running!”


“This month I reached a milestone. I officially have matched my tenured professor’s salary with my business. I have to take a step back and appreciate everything I’ve been able to do and especially Mariah Coz and her team who took me from my first 1k to (very soon) 6-figures.”


“I enrolled 56 students and made $8,908 in sales in my first launch. I couldn’t have done it without your support. You guys helped me change my life.”


“Before learning from Mariah how to do an Evergreen funnel, the whole process was daunting and mysterious to me – she broke it down and made even the highly technical elements very simple and unintimidating. Thank you Mariah & team for opening up this doorway to me that was previously so scary and elusive!

The first solid iteration of my evergreen funnel for my INFLUENCE course on practical magic has been on for about 4 months. In that time, I had 84 sales at various price points. Overall, the funnel brought in about $54,000 in sales in. I average about 21 sales a month, so the funnel brought in about $12,600 each month.”


“I knew in order to serve more people, I needed support putting together a funnel that worked. My funnel brings in $3k/month, and converts at 7%. Knowing that I have a funnel that converts makes me feel confident promoting it. It feels amazing to travel and look at my email and see we have a new student. Everything is automated so all I have to focus on is promoting and teaching inside of the program!”


“I have such an engaged audience who loves everything I sell and yet I was only selling ONE program, twice a year (in a live launch). It just made sense to create something evergreen! I would have people finding me online, jazzed to work with me, and then I would have nothing to sell them. I sell about 10 a month organically (like, zero marketing) – so that’s an extra $7000/month in income.

I LOVE that I have something to offer new people who find me now, instead of saying “wait 6 months and then I will take your money lol” But I love that now that the funnel is in place, my work is just to tweak it and make it better. I have had a very successful course selling for 4 years now, and the extra evergreen sales are icing on the cake!!”


“I wanted to create evergreen funnels in order to build a more sustainable and secure business, not relying on courses launches. With small traffic, I’ve done roughly one sale a day bringing $3k/month going on for 4 months, since I started the funnel. I feel it is just the beginning. My first funnel is converting at more than 5%, I’ve just implemented the second one. I’m confident to invest time in it as I have this system in place.

I love that I can trust a method, I don’t have to guess, I just implement the strategies and it’s saving me so much time. Above all, I love that Mariah’s strategies are not too salesy. I feel confident to promote them as it brings value to my customers. It was a major mindset shift for me. Also making money when I work on other projects is so comforting, it is a huge boost for my business. The past 3 days I did $1200 with the funnels and upsells (almost half a normal month), in only 3 days!”


Your life before the The Accelerator:

  • Daydreaming about the freedom and lifestyle that comes with an online course business but never taking action
  • Trying to ‘Frankenstein’ together random strategies, hoping something sticks but nothing seems to move the needle
  • Doing things out of order, meaning you are actually creating more work for yourself and losing out on sales
  • Launching with no strategy – you’re winging it and your results reflect that
  • You have no consistent course sales in between launches, you are living launch to launch, stuck in the feast and famine cycle
  • Your audience size is stagnant, meaning your income is too

Your life after The Accelerator:

  • You know exactly what to do next to grow your online course sales
  • You make big bursts of revenue during launches, but you also have consistent, reliable revenue coming in every single month through your automated evergreen funnels
  • You feel like a total boss in your business – things are happening, you feel momentum and you see steady growth month to month
  • You’ve become known in your industry for your signature course, and you’re starting to be asked to be on podcasts and speak on stages as the expert in your topic!
  • You are living your life designed for YOU – you have one or two launches a year, then you can chill for a bit knowing your revenue is stable because you built the evergreen systems the right way, the first time
  • You prioritize LIFE…your hobbies, your family, your friends get the very best of you and you designed a business that allows you to take good care of your own self too (mentally, spiritually, physically)

What’s included in The Accelerator?
The Accelerator program includes access to all of our premium programs, content, templates and trainings in addition to weekly coaching, personal feedback on your work, and incredible support.

Launch Your Signature Course®
Our best-selling signature course creation and launching program is the most comprehensive guide to creating and selling your own courses – taking you from no experience to launching your own signature, premium, and professional course. First you’ll validate and pre-sell your course, then you’ll create course content and curriculum that gets students results, then you will learn how to launch your course with the most up to date strategies working now. You’ll use these templates, tools and trainings over and over again as you launch future courses and improve your re-launches over time.

Evergreen Engines™
Right after you launch your signature course, it’s time to turn it on evergreen with an automated sales funnel so you can bring in sales every day, year round, on autopilot. I’ll show you how to take the assets you’ve already created (like your emails, sales pages, etc) and build the evergreen funnel systems for consistent course sales, even when you’re not launching.

Webinar Rockstar®
Webinars are the fastest way to grow your email list and your revenue. You’ll learn how to create ‘course sales on demand’ and a cash injection anytime you want by hosting high-value, effective webinars. Master the art and science of joint venture partner webinars to grow your business faster than ever with the power of affiliate webinars.

Plus the support, coaching, and advanced training you won’t get ANYWHERE else!

Weekly Group Q&A Calls with Mariah
Get coaching and get your questions answered by Mariah directly in these weekly exclusive Group Coaching Calls only available to Accelerator clients. Bring your questions or struggles and we will strategize, talk mindset, and overcome any challenges you are experiencing.

Expert Feedback, Reviews of your work & Critique with our Coaches
Each week, you can submit your work for personalized feedback by one of our Coaches – such as your sales page, webinar, email copy, registration page, content ideas, funnel pages, etc.! These are insanely valuable and the best way to get personal feedback on your work.

Map Your Model Planning System
This is our signature Annual and Quarterly Planning System for Course Creators. Design your revenue and income streams, plan out your course sales and audience growth, and get major clarity on exactly what you should be working on and when, with our system for choosing only High-ROI activities.

Perfect Product Suite
This advanced training is only available in The Accelerator. Creating a strategic, intentional product suite is the key to scaling your course business. You will design your ideal Product Suite of offers, understand how they connect and interact, and how to leverage different offers for maximum profitability while serving your best students at the highest level. We work closely with our Accelerator clients to make sure their product suite is strategic for their unique business.

Exclusive Upsells Training
Learn how to increase your Lifetime Customer Value and your bottom line with an upsell, so you can make more revenue without more traffic or customers! I walk you through The ‘Perfect’ Upsell Page breakdown, and show you how to implement effective upsells into your launches and funnels.

Giveaway Sales Promo Email Sequence Template
Need a Cash Injection? Learn how to Turn Your Giveaway into a Profitable Promotion with this word for word Email Sequence Template. This template shows you how to turn a giveaway (which grows your audience) into a profitable flash sale for a little boost whenever you desire!

Sales Page Copy Template
The ultimate script and template for writing an amazing sales pages for your courses and funnels. This is 26 pages of copy ideas, scripts, and outlines for everything you need to say on a sales page in an easy to use Google Doc so you can type right into it. This will save you lots of time when writing your sales page!

Paid Live Virtual Workshop System
This is one of our favorite ways to generate revenue on demand and create sales of your signature course. You are basically getting paid to pitch your course! A Paid Live Virtual Workshop is a way to get paid to teach what you know now – and upsell in a seamless way too. Our clients have used this one system to bring in $10k – $30k+ at a time. It is quick, simple, and fun to execute!

4-Day Flash Sale System
Need a cash injection? This simple system only takes 4 days to execute and has helped many of our clients bring in $5k-$30k+ in course sales in less than a week. We give you all the templates and training to execute this quick cash campaign!

Icons of Online Course Virtual Conference Recordings Vault
Get access to all of the recordings from our epic Virtual Conference – including sessions on goal setting, mindset, launching, funnels, and more. The vault includes recordings of expert panels, “tell-all” Q & A sessions, and individual sessions with celebrity course creators like Denise Duffield Thomas, Maya Elious, Jen Kem, and more. The vault also includes workshops like “10x Your Email List with Webinars”, “Launch Your Course in 6 Weeks Flat”, and “Fuel Your Funnel with FB Ads” – there’s so much gold in here!

Early Access to Live Event Tickets
This is your invitation to meet your next-level self and experience the kind of transformation that only comes from being in a high-vibe room with others like you! Over two days together, we’ll show you how to create a profitable, actionable plan for your launches, your funnels, and more. These events are so fun!

*Dates are TBD

The most curated community of course creators on the internet.
The Accelerator community is where the best course creators on the planet hang out. And you’re cordially invited into the club!

  • You’ll be surrounded by course creators who are earning 6-7 figures so you can learn from them and level up fast. Even if you are just starting from scratch, the fastest way to level up is to surround yourself with success.
  • Every day, clients are sharing their wins and the behind the scenes of how they achieved those milstones, so you get a behind the curtain look at what others are doing to be successful in your same situation.
  • You’ll see tons of detailed launch recaps and full funnel breakdowns, so you can see exactly what others are doing, the numbers, conversion rates, the strategies they are using and more.
  • You’ll be in a curated community of high-caliber, ambitious course creators who have all invested to be there…which means the group is insanely active, generous, inspiring and supportive.

“Hands-down the BEST part of The Accelerator is the community. Have you ever heard the song from the musical Hamilton about being in “the room where it happens?” Well, The Accelerator is the room where it happens. The 6 and 7-figure course creators in the group have become my Voxer buddies, JV partners, mentors, referral network, and so much more. I wouldn’t have come this far this fast without them and, honestly, I think the community is one of the most underrated parts of the whole experience! I’d pay just to be in the group. ”


“I enrolled 36 students and made $19,675. Super glad I had you to help plan the launch, I would have been clueless as to what to do otherwise. Girl knows her stuff. Meaning you can get on with the work, and stop doubting yourself!”


“Thank you so much for everything you teach. You are changing so many people’s lives. We generated $161,000 in 15 days while I was spending time with my beautiful family. What started a year ago as a tiny channel with a goal to help people become computer programmers is now a full-fledged startup helping change the lives of millions of people. In under 11 months, we became a multi 6-figure business.”


You can do The Accelerator from home, from anywhere in the world.

We have a vibrant, international community in The Accelerator. You are going to be surrounded by people in all different niches (from crystal healing to engineering and aviation and everything in between). Many of our clients teach courses in their native language!

You can complete the program from the comfort of your couch or kitchen table, as long as you have an Internet connection! The program is digital so you can access it from anywhere through our private course portal.

You have access to the programs as soon as you sign up, and we will help you create a custom action plan when you join so you know exactly what steps to take first.

You’re a good fit for The Accelerator if…

  • You’re ready for expert help and support.
  • You already have 500 email subscribers or a substantial platform of some sort (i.e., social media following, YouTube channel, website, blog, etc.).
  • You know how to make web pages and have an email list set up. You won’t get hung up on creating something like a simple landing page.
  • You’re ready to DIY your sales page, slides, and tech, OR are willing to hire help to do those things.
  • You’re ready to invest time, money, effort, and resources in yourself and your business to make this happen sooner, not later.
  • You’re ready and willing to take feedback and trust our system – it only works if you DO the work!

Who is this for?

  • You may be a newbie to online courses, but you know this is what you are called to do – help others with what you know!
  • You have an existing course but the marketing and sales (ahem, your results) are lackluster or you want to scale. You need next-level marketing help!
  • You already know your niche (you don’t have to be clear on your course idea yet, but you need a general idea of your niche and who you serve).
  • You are committed to success. If you fall down, you get up again and keep going. You already know there are no silver bullets – just hard work and a positive attitude!
  • You take complete and total personal responsibility for your results. No coach or course is going to hand you results, you are solely responsible for how you use these incredible tools.
  • You want to take your existing business or work (coaching, freelancing, services, brick and mortar, products, etc) and shift in the online course model.

Who is this NOT for?

  • You blame circumstances and find excuses for why you can’t do something.
  • You have ZERO idea who your clients are or who you serve. You don’t know your niche. You have no platform, website or anything at all.
  • You are looking for a hail mary or a silver bullet. Please do not join – there are none of those in life or business.
  • You are looking for a quick fix. Everything takes time, especially for it to really start working it’s magic.
  • You have a bad attitude and think you already know everything even though you don’t implement anything.

There’s no need to piece this together on your own, just follow our 4-part framework for consistent, sustainable sales.
We’ll coach you through exactly how to approach this journey and support you the whole way.

Course Curriculum & Creation
We’ll help you zero in on an irresistible idea and create killer course content. You’ll feel confident that what you’re delivering is valuable and gets your students real results.

Live Launches
We’ll help you launch your new or existing course with the most up-to-date, innovative strategies that are working now, and you can launch without the stress.

Webinars That Work
Using our templates and strategies, you’ll build a webinar that your audience loves, and converts like crazy, then automate it for year-round sales.

Automated Evergreen Funnels
We’ll build out an automated evergreen funnel system to sell your courses consistently, on autopilot, so you can escape the feast & famine.

Our Dream Clients:

The self-motivated entrepreneur who wants to transition to an online course model, or add a course revenue stream to an existing business.

Business owners with brick + mortar, e-commerce, agency, or services model who want to add an additional revenue stream to their company.

Coaches who want to shift from 1:1 model to serving many students at once and reaching more people with a course (and stop trading dollars for hours.)

Successful course creators who are stuck in the launch ‘feast or famine’ cycle and need an evergreen funnel yesterday.

Course creators who know they could be more successful if they just had the marketing strategies and tools to reach the next level in their business.

Confident creators who are willing to do the work and do whatever it takes to get their course out there to the people who need it.

It’s time to make more impact teaching what you love.

You already have an online course inside you…we just need to unlock it and get what’s in your head and your heart into the hands of the people who need it!

With a course, you can help people all over the world, from the coziness of your home office (or couch!).

You’ve got two choices here…

You can stay on the struggle bus, trying to figure everything out on your own with no guidance, training or support. Hoping and praying that it will work. (How’s that been working for ya?)

You can just get the proven step by step system that myself and hundreds of course creators before you have used to launch wildly successful courses, automate their sales with evergreen funnels, and build 6+ figure course businesses.

Think about your goals for 2020.

Do you know exactly how you’re going to get there? Do you have a plan?

Stop guessing and stop messing around. Let me help you replace your income with an online course business that lights you up and serves more people.

I’ll be looking for your application!

No more excuses … you can do this.

“I don’t have enough time.”
Guess what, the only way you are going to get the time freedom you so deeply desire is by prioritizing creating your online course and the systems we teach you for selling it. That is the only way. Continuing doing what you do now is not going to magically lead to more free time!

“I don’t have a finalized course idea yet.”
You don’t have to have the perfect course idea yet. We teach you how to do effective market research and validate your course idea beyond a doubt. Even if you are starting from scratch with a smaller audience, you should apply.

“I am scared, what if I can’t do this?”
You wanna know a secret? The most successful people you look up to all felt scared before they took action. The confidence comes from ACTION. The more tiny steps you take, the easier and easier it gets – until one day you won’t even recognize yourself because you are such a badass.


♦ Hi I’m Mariah and I’m obsessed with all things online courses, webinars and evergreen funnels.

I’m an introvert who also decided I wanted to make a global impact teaching people everything I know, and courses are the best way to do that!

I’ve been creating and selling courses for 5 years now, and it is the only business model that I have stuck with over the years that continues to grow my income, impact and fulfillment.

My company has helped hundreds of people create and sell courses about everything from watercolor painting, programming, decluttering, football, and everything in between.

I’ve become known for my no-BS style and creating insanely highly converting webinars, funnels, and launches for myself and my clients using cutting edge, innovative strategies that no one else is teaching.

Forget everything you think you know about selling courses online. You’re about to learn my fresh-squeezed strategies for making more money teaching what you love.

I created The Accelerator because I am committed to making sure you have EVERYTHING you need to build a thriving, profitable 6 or 7 figure course business (and I mean EVERYTHING!).

I’m excited to see what you create with these tools, trainings and templates – all designed to make implementing as easy and fast as possible. I am excited to see your name amongst our amazing success stories!

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