[Download] Harsh Agrawal - Shout University 2.0 2

[Download] Harsh Agrawal – Shout University 2.0

Download Shout University 2.0 By Harsh Agrawal

Download Shout University 2.0 By Harsh Agrawal

Finally…a PROVEN… Step-By-Step System To Start Your Own Blog From Scratch And Make Money From It!
(That Let’s You Be Your Own Boss)

Now you can start – or grow – your blog with step by step systems that I’ve tried and tested over the past 12 years…

…because I boiled it into a full-fledged platform that includes 6 powerful courses, access to like-minded people, and industry secrets. This platform is called ShoutUniversity and is now open for enrollment.

Long story short: you’ll see how this simple system can help you build and grow your blog from scratch to make a living out of it.

That being said, I’ve a word of warning:

  • If you are looking for get rich quick schemes, stop reading this page and unsubscribe from my email list. I don’t want people to believe that there is a “magic button” to success.
  • If you sell get rich quick schemes, get off this page. I have no interest in helping you.
  • If you are one of those “Know it alls”, then I can’t help you until you open your mind.

It all started with an accident that changed my life.
On June 28th, 2009, I had a terrible accident that changed my life forever. The doctors told me that I would never be able to walk again, and I nearly lost all hope and faith for a good life.

I was devastated for days but when I saw my parents crying, the strange realization of “Am I the only one with the problem?” changed the course of my life.

That one profound thought had a great impact on my journey. I was bed-ridden for 6-7 months but instead of giving up, I turned it into an opportunity.

Since I had nothing else to do in those bedridden months, I dedicated myself completely to blogging. I used to spend almost 14 hours a day in front of my laptop, most of the time writing and learning new things.

Initially, I wrote about the usual tech stuff which you could probably find on other blogs. Later on, when I discovered that blogging could make money, I was blown away with this idea.

I was wondering why nobody told me that I could follow my passion and make money. That’s where I made a mission that I will let others know about blogging and how they can follow their passion and live a boss free life

After all, life has much more to offer than working for someone and living paycheck to paycheck.

The journey has been full of ups and downs.
I’ve spent countless hours on my blogs and have faced every problem you can possibly think of:

  • Not able to decide a perfect niche
  • Not able to decide a name for the blog
  • Not able to write perfect content
  • Not able to get views on my blog
  • Not able to figure out WordPress technicalities
  • Not able to grow my revenue effectively
  • Not able to …

Okay, you get the point.

Of course, I could’ve been lazy and given up but if I did, I would’ve never known what’s on the other side of “not giving up”.

I overcame all of my problems and I can tell you, it is all WORTH IT!

As I’m writing this, my blogs get more than a million page views every single month, I’ve got love from millions of people, recognition in international publications, and a handsome income that allows me to travel the world.

Now, I am paying it forward by helping others be their own boss.
My name is Harsh Agrawal. I am a young entrepreneur and a blog scientist from New Delhi, India.

I’m involved in the blogging space for more than a decade. Blogging is my bread and butter and has enabled me to live the life of my dreams, where I am my own boss.

I am the founder of an award-winning blog called ShoutMeLoud which receives about a million page views and makes more than $53.27k in revenue, every single month.

I have spoken at many conferences and webinars in different countries including the USA, Italy, Slovenia, and more.

  • I’ve helped millions of people through my free blog articles.
  • I’ve spoken at conferences around the world.
  • Travelled the entire country by road to spread awareness of blogging.
  • Helped people through group and one-on-one private sessions.
  • Consulted respectable companies with their marketing and revenue growth.

And it has been a fun journey so far. It is so satisfying to make a change in others’ lives, meeting industry experts, and spending quality time together.

But I want to reach more people and help them at an even deeper level.
The internet today is full of information and also misinformation. Everything is very unorganized and anyone can get misled easily.

People tell me that they are able to get the most value out of me when they meet me in-person. It is simply because I’m able to tell them everything step-by-step and answer their specific questions.

But it is impossible for me to meet millions of people to repeat the same step-by-step procedure and answer the same set of questions.

So, I started working on creating a platform where I can bring the entire experience online.

  • A platform, where I can put my entire 12 years of knowledge and experience, as a step-by-step system.
  • A platform, where I can interact with everyone and help them with their specific queries.
  • A platform, where I can build a community of people who are all their own boss.

And that is exactly what I did and I proudly invite you to join it. :’)

Introducing ShoutUniversity 2.0
ShoutUniversity is everything you need to start your journey towards becoming your own boss. It’s not a course, it’s a university with 6 powerful courses, lifetime access, Facebook group, and much more.


Here’s Everything You’ll Get:

⇒ The $1000/Month Affiliate System
Step by step course to start making $1000 per month and beyond with affiliate marketing. This course has 6 modules containing 25 lessons. It also has a bonus recorded webinar training.

Basics Of Affiliate Marketing
This module will educate you about affiliate marketing from scratch. Even if you don’t know what it is, you can get started.

Get Started (For Beginners)
Things required to do affiliate marketing, how to pick affiliate programs, and everything else a beginner should know, is explained in this module.

Essentials For Every Affiliate Marketer
Essentials that every successful affiliate marketer knows are revealed in this module.

Making Your First $1000 Income
This module walks you through the strategies that will help you make your first $1000 with affiliate marketing.

Everything About Affiliate Programs
This module educates you about top affiliate programs that I use. These are the programs that top affiliate marketers are on.

Affiliate Adventures (Untold Stories)
In this module, I share stories and experience with affiliate managers. You’ll learn what goes behind the scene in the market. You can learn from my mistakes and save your valuable time.

(Market Value: $399)

⇒ WordPress Video Training
Step by step course on all things WordPress. So, you can blog without any technical problems. This course has 5 modules containing 126 video tutorials.

Step By Step: WordPress 101
This module will walk you through WordPress and will teach you everything from scratch. At the end of this module, you’ll have a good hand over WordPress and you’ll be able to create and manage your blog or simple website easily.

Jetpack: Powerful Tools
In this module, you’ll learn about powerful tools that Jetpack has to offer and how you can configure them to enhance your WordPress website.

Online Store With WooCommerce
This module will teach you about WooCommerce which would allow you to create an amazing looking online store using WordPress. No coding required!

Everything About Yoast SEO
This module will teach you about the Yoast SEO plugin, something that you should configure from day one to start your blog the right way.

Speed Up WordPress
This module covers tips and strategies that we use on the ShoutMeLoud website to make it load faster.

(Market Value: $69)

⇒ WordPress Web-Hosting Course
This course guides you on which WordPress hosting you should choose and how to take the most advantage of your web-host. This course has 3 modules containing 9 lessons.

Basics Of Web Hosting
This module will walk you the basics about hosting that you should know before buying.

Bluehost Tutorials
In this module, you’ll learn the best Bluehost practices to get the most out of it.

Money-Saving Tricks
This module will teach you the best strategies to save money while renewing your hosting.

(Market Value: $49)

⇒ Google Adsense Course
This course teaches you how to start earning and make high CPC with Google Adsense. This course has 3 modules containing 11 lessons.

Basics Of Adsense
This module educates you about the basics of Adsense. It covers everything that you should know before starting.

Core Tutorials
In this module, you’ll learn everything from putting your first AdSense ad on your blog to advanced strategies that allows you to earn high CPC.

My Case Study
You’ll also get access to a case study where I’ll show how I started a micro-niche blog that earns passive income with Adsense.

(Market Value: $79)

⇒ Profitable Niche Blogging System
Step by step course to help you start a blog, create content, and grow it. This course has 3 modules containing 6 lessons.

Introduction To Blogging
This module will educate you about affiliate marketing from scratch. Even if you don’t know what it is, you can get started.

The Foundation
This module will help you set your foundation right. It will help you select the correct niche. A very important module because a wrong niche can make your blog fail.

Content Writing
This module covers everything about how to write and structure content. Content is what will make people stick to your blog.

Driving Traffic
This module educates you about different strategies to get people to notice your blog and visit it.

Monetization Strategies
Once you have started gaining traction, this module will guide you about different monetization strategies to start making money.

Micro-Niche Blogging
This module will explain, why micro-niche blogging is something that you should start with. I’ll also share my experiences with mico-niche blogging.

(Market Value: $299)

⇒ Keyword Research From Scratch
Everything you need to know about keyword research to get free traffic from Google. This course has 3 modules containing 11+ lessons.

Introduction To SEO
This module will introduce you to SEO and how it works. If you are a complete newbie, this is where you should get started.

Keyword Research
This module is all about keyword research. It teaches you how you can find relevant and low competition keyword to target.

SEO Publishing Guidelines
This module has publishing guidelines that you should follow while you publish content on your website.

(Market Value: $199)

⇒ Private Facebook Group
You will be invited to join our private Facebook group where you can interact with me, my team, and other students of ShoutUniversity. Use this group to network with like-minded people and learn from each other.

Ask Your Questions
If you have any questions, you can simply ask them inside the group and everyone will be there to help you solve problems.

Network With Others
Networking is a very important aspect of growing any business. In our group, you can network with like-minded people which would accelerate your growth.

Celebrate Together
You can share your achievements in the group, no matter how big or small. We all will celebrate together. 🙂

(Market Value: $99/month)


Additional Benefits ⇓

  • Video Content
    Many lessons are in form of video instructions to help you understand everything step-by-step.
  • FREE Content Updates
    We constantly update the courses with the latest information. If we add new lessons to our existing courses, you’ll get it for FREE!
  • Lifetime Access
    You get lifetime access to all these courses for one-time fees.

Special Bonuses:

  • FREE SEMRush GURU Plan
    30 Days Access – Worth $199
  • FREE SocialPilot Pro Plan
    90 Days Access – Worth $90

What People Say About Us

“Experience with ShoutUniversity was best. It is crisp & to the point information course. I got 27k INR today from a single client to help him in his digital marketing campaign.”
– Abhishek Agrawal


“Harsh Agrawal is one of the most willing teachers I’ve came across in recent times. He wants people to succeed and hence is doing everything possible.”
– Dora Devasher Suri

“ShoutUniversity is a great initiative by Harsh and I am glad I am part of this initiative. I just accidentally happened to be on a youtube live where Harsh share information about ShoutUniversity. I was then thrilled to know that it has gone live and quickly enrolled for it. I am just ecstatic to learn from the blogging maestro.

The Q&A session that we get with Harsh alone is worth the price I paid for this course. Thanks a lot, Harsh for this course and I am positive that it will add lots of value to people who enroll in this course.”
– Amit Singh

Enroll Inside ShoutUniversity 2.0 Today!
I’m so excited to have you on the ShoutUniversity platform where I and our community can help you become your own boss at a rapid pace.

ShoutUniversity 2.0 – All-Access Pass
ShoutUniversity is everything you need to start your journey towards becoming your own boss. It’s not a course, it’s a university. You’ll get:

  • The $1000/Month Affiliate System – $399
  • WordPress Video Training – $69
  • WordPress Web Hosting Course – $49
  • Google Adsense Mastry – $79
  • Profitable Niche Blogging System – $299
  • Keyword Research From Scratch – $199
  • Access To Private Facebook Group – $99/month
  • Free 30 Days SEMRush Access – $199
  • Free 90 Days SocialPilot Access – $90
  • Free Updates – $99/year
  • Lifetime Access To Course Material

I’m Harsh Agrawal.
I am a young entrepreneur and a blog scientist from New Delhi, India. I’m involved in the blogging space for more than a decade. I talk about things that work and have spoken at many conferences and webinars in different countries including the USA, Italy, Slovenia, and more.

In the past decade, I’ve generated millions of dollars in revenue through my blogs and now I want to help people like you in earning a living online.

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