[Download] MoneyZG – Crypto Investor Course 2

[Download] MoneyZG – Crypto Investor Course

Download Crypto Investor Course By MoneyZG

Download Crypto Investor Course By MoneyZG

Cryptocurrency trading, analysis and investing. Learn about the crypto markets in great detail with guidance from a former London Stock Exchange broker.

Learn vital trading and investing lessons like:

How to invest along the risk curve

How to value assets

How to analyse crypto projects

The value of tokenomics

How to use decentralised finance

How to analyse on-chain data

Full trading guidance from a pro

How to use blockchain apps

Full crypto wallet guidance

How I build my crypto portfolio

Course content is added over time. The price will go up as more content becomes available.

Here’s What You Get

Full lifetime access for a flat fee
Future course content at no extra cost
New content and value added over time
A broker with real professional experience
Private member Discord groups
My portfolio and trade alerts

⇒ Curriculum


  • Course intro
  • ⚠️ Disclaimer (must watch) ⚠️
  • Member discounts & offers
  • How to join the private Discord chats
  • Course member resources


  • Crypto types: store of value
  • Crypto types: smart contracts
  • Crypto types: exchange tokens
  • Crypto types: oracles
  • Crypto types: payments
  • Crypto types: stablecoins
  • Crypto types: privacy coins
  • Crypto types: meme coins
  • Crypto types: wrapped tokens
  • Crypto types: LP tokens
  • Token standards explained (ERC-20)
  • Staking your crypto
  • The blockchain trilemma
  • Don’t focus on TPS!!
  • Bitcoin: The Asset Class


  • Price vs market cap
  • Coin vs token
  • Pre-mine vs fair launch
  • ICOs
  • Circulating vs total supply
  • Inflation
  • Token burns
  • Tokenomics research: ADA
  • Tokenomics research: BTC
  • What are “good tokenomics”?
  • Valuing DAPP tokens
  • Valuing tokens: important considerations
    …and more…

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