[Download] Ted McGrath – Fast Client Enrollment Formula 2

[Download] Ted McGrath – Fast Client Enrollment Formula

Download Fast Client Enrollment Formula By Ted McGrath

Download Fast Client Enrollment Formula By Ted McGrath

Your free training will be in your inbox shortly, as a Valued Subscriber, I’d like to do something special for you, so here’s an offer with a Huge Discount
The Fast Client Formula For Coaches, Experts, and Speakers

New “The Fast Client Formula” For Coaches, Experts, and Speakers is now LIVE.
Discover How To Attract MORE Clients With Ease In 30 Days Or Less So You Can Build A Lucrative Coaching, Speaking, And Expert Business…That Impacts Humanity
There’s a new celebrity in the world Today and it’s YOU…
The New Celebrity is…

  • The Coach That Wants To Change A Life
  • The Speaker That Wants To Share His Voice With The World
  • The Expert That Wants To Make A Bigger Impact Than A Book
  • The Service Based Business Owner That’s Tired of Trading Time For Dollars

Real Celebrities Make an Impact Sharing Their Life Story and Message With The World WHILE Getting Paid For It.
But the question that may be on your mind is: How Do I Get Paid In 30 days
or Less so I can make money and build a real career doing this?

Today, A Newly Released Edition of The Fast Client Formula has arrived – which includes The Story Attraction Formula, The Message To Millions Blueprint, and The Enrollment System – A Comprehensive Formula for Signing Up Clients TODAY!
Maybe you’ve gotten off to a slow start in building your coaching, speaking or expert business or you just don’t have all the pieces to make it work.
So you start reaching… for every new strategy out there.
You don’t get an A for effort for trying everything though.
What you do get is no traction, lost revenue (or no revenue), and a little worn out.
But none of this changes the fact that you need clients now.
You need to know that it is entirely realistic and possible to get clients LESS than 30 days from now.
This is how…
I want to keep this simple for you and take away all other distractions.
As a coach, speaker, or expert you need 3 tools to get clients fast:

  • The Story Attraction Formula
  • Message To Millions Blueprint
  • Your Sales Process Guide

Makes sense, right?
Let me tie it together for you so your next step is perfectly clear.

Tool # 1: Finding Your Story is the Key to ATTRACTING Droves of Customers to Your Business.
I almost died from an overdose the day I cracked six figures when I was 21 years old working for New York Life Insurance Company.
I thought Money would bring me meaning, until I discovered that the greatest meaning comes from helping others create meaningful lives.
That’s why I became a coach, speaker and theater performer. To share a story and message that truly matters.
Not only do I have meaning but I now have a Multi Million Dollar Business Doing What I Love…
… And I perform a One Man Show, Playing 15 Characters From My Life Story, All over the world.
What’s your story? What do you Love?
It’s time to get clients now, by creating a powerful story, message, program and system that will help you start enrolling clients TODAY and at the very least, in 30 days or less.
If you love helping people and you love yourself, you will find it in your heart to go on this journey with me Today. You won’t see a better offer.
Once You Find Your Life Story, You Can Pull Your Message From Your Story, Your Lessons, and Your Life Experience…
And Now You Need A Blueprint To Create Your Program and Communicate Your Value To The World.
Don’t Have a Program? NO PROBLEM.
Don’t Know How To Communicate Your Message? No Problem.
Don’t Know How to Make an Offer? NO PROBLEM.
Don’t Know How To Get Paid What Your Worth? No Problem.

Tool # 2 : The Message To Millions Blueprint will transform your ENTIRE message, program, offer,
and communication. It’s that freaking powerful.
People ask me all the time how I enroll Clients in $200,000 Coaching programs and it’s because of this BLUEPRINT.
I get it… You might be trying to make your first dollar or your first $10,000 or even build a six figure business.
This blueprint helped me sell my first $3,000 program when my house was in foreclosure, my car was repossessed, and I was wondering how can I ever get paid for my message?
ANSWER: The Message To Millions Blueprint.
This Blueprint not only helped me get my first clients ever, but it also helped me sell 1.35 million dollars in 3 weeks online.
So after it helps you crush your income goals in 30 days, you can use this to create any program and make any offer.
And here’s the best part.
I hold your hand through a step by step video training and help you create your program and show you 4 different ways to get paid in lessthan 90 minutes.
It’s the most powerful training on Earth.

  • Brandon Hawk, Made $59,000 in his first 30 days, and last year he was a Pasteur making $60,000 Per Year.
  • Tyler Watson, Made $6,400 his first week as a coach and he was a failing door to door salesman.
  • Kathleen Graham used this blueprint to enroll 8 clients in her $5,000 package, making her first offer in front of 14 women, bringing in 40K in revenue.
  • Alex Moscow, is 25 and stutters, and he made $47,000 in 30 days with this blueprint.

However there was one final tool that made all the difference…

Tool # 3 : Finally, your sales process.
Imagine a Simple Enrollment Process that shows you:

  • How To Book A Free Coaching Appointment With Your NEXT Client
  • How To Facilitate The Enrollment Conversation With Ease
  • Understanding The Psychology That Drives Customers Buying Decisions
  • How To Create A Presentation That Connects and Sells Without “Closing”
  • My Simple Secret For Diffusing Any Client Objection, Anytime

When You Enroll In the Fast Client Formula TODAY…

  • The Story Attraction Formula
    Deep Dive Video Training and Downloadable Worksheets
  • Message To Millions Blueprint
    In-Depth Step-By-Step Blueprint & Comprehensive Video Series
  • Your Sales Process Guide
    191 Page E-Book with 6 hours of Audio Training

Yes, You too can have a Lucrative Coaching, Speaking, and Expert Business.
It’s time to start getting clients to pay you what you are worth, so you stop trading time for dollars.
It’s time to create a clear and compelling program, that creates transformation for you and your clients.
It’s time to make a compelling offer that your clients can’t refuse, and for you to learn the enrollment techniques I teach in my program.
If you Could Attract Clients…
Present a Powerful and Compelling Program,
And Get Them To Say YES to Your OFFER…
You would be off to a FAST START in the next 30 days making some serious revenue.
My Fast Client Formula does exactly that…
How Do I Know This?

Meet My Clients That All Made 5 figures on Their First 30 Days In This Industry

Not only did Ted help me dial in my messaging, but he helped me increase the conversions on my sales video. I’ve had the great fortune of being on Oprah twice and have built a multi million dollar speaking and coaching business. I highly recommend Ted’s work.
– Marcia Wieder
CEO/Founder, Dream University

Ted is like Superman. As a single mom I needed to make things happen fast. You fly to a whole new level with your vision, your message, and your income in this course. Ted helped me dial in my messaging and now I’m making six figures through online webinars and I’ve never been more free and happy in my life.
– Maria Whalen
Founder of Zhi3Fusion

My family and I will be forever grateful to you Ted. I did a real million dollars in sales in the last 18 months since enrolling in Message To Millions. Ted McGrath’s perspective and coaching is absolutely priceless. I give Ted and his program my highest recommendation.
– Brandon Hawk
Founder of YOUTraining

What’s the Value of The Fast Client Formula?
Well, you’ve just seen it from my clients.
Not only have some of my clients made a fortune with this formula,but more importantly they are:

  • Making an Impact
  • Doing What They Love
  • Role Models To Their Families and Communities
  • Serving Their Communities
  • Getting Paid To Help Clients They Care About

Is there a more noble profession in the world thanbecoming a coach, speaker, or expert?
I don’t believe there is, but I do believe in You.
I believe it’s your time.
I believe this program isn’t just worth thousands, I believeit is worth hundreds of thousands.
Because the cost of not living one’s passion and serving othersis to great for some people to even stomach.
You have an opportunity right here right now today to take advantageof this One Time Offer. You will never see this offer again.
It’s $497 and TODAY, you can get it for a simple One Time Payment of $37.

For less than night out for dinner, you can:

  • Start getting Clients Today, When You Enroll and Start The Fast Client Formula Training Program.
  • Design A Life Story That Inspires
  • Create A Program That Transforms
  • Make Offers That Make Your A fortune While Making an Impact

There’s almost 15 hours of video and audio training in the Fast Client Formula Accompanied with:

  • Workbooks to Pull Out Your Life Story and Life Lessons
  • Blueprints To Find Your Message and Design Your Program
  • E- books with 241 pages of my BEST sales processes over 17 years

Direct Coaching from me is $200,000 and I only take on
3 clients per year at this level.
This offer is for anyone who longs to make an impact.
All for something you can afford because it’s my way of clearing the path for every coach, speaker, and expert out there who is struggling unnecessarily.
Because I – just like you, want to make an impact with my own story & message.
Making this easy for you is the most direct path I know to make an impact and a difference.
This is a one-time offer because I know not everyone will be decisive enough to take the step.
But for you, $37 gives you everything you need to get clients in the next 30 days with no overwhelm or a million pieces to fit together and implement.
Go ahead, Get the Fast Client Formula and take a deep breath.
Then get started.
You can do this.

Please know, this is a limited-time offer. Meaning, when you leave this page, the offer to get all 3 tools for $37 is gone, and the price will go back up to $497.
It really comes down to this – how much do you dedicate to educating yourself and increasing your own skills so you can succeed?
If you choose to move on and not take this offer, that’s okay too. If you already have your story and message along with your sales process rock solid – Awesome! You’ll do great. Otherwise, you have a great opportunity to do so right here.

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