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[Download] Tom Wedding – Inbound Agency

Download Inbound Agency By Tom Wedding

Download Inbound Agency By Tom Wedding

How I Generated 108 Sizzling Hot Prospects For My Lead Gen Agency For Less Than 65c Per Lead.
WITHOUT Cold Calling, Cold DMs, SEO, Linked In Or Wasting A Ton Of Money On Paid Ads

Introducing The Agency Leads-On-Demand Toolkit…
The Toolkit is a proven and tested program that teaches you the exact strategy to start generating warm inbound replies from business owners looking for your services all within just 24hrs!
It doesn’t matter if you don’t have tech skills or any previous experience running ads. The Leads-On-Demand Toolkit will show you the step by step walk-through of how to get these things setup and producing fast!
The methods taught in this course have helped tons of other agency owners achieve more streamlined and consistent quality leads for them to sell to.
This strategy truly does solve all your prospecting issues and best part is that this is simple and easy to follow and implement for own agency, even if you’re a complete beginner. We have condensed the content into easy to consume modules that amount to no more than 2 hours, so that you can fly through and get started right off the bat!
Read more on what’s included below…

“Copy & Paste” my proven formula for generating qualified leads for your lead generation agency… even if you’re a complete beginner!

No Eye Tricks Here, You’re Reading This Right…
442 leads in the last 4 weeks at an average of $1.32 AUD per lead!
Now let me ask you this…

If you had this number of qualified leads being generated every week for your agency… How likely do you think you would be to convert at least SOME of these prospects into high-paying clients?

Well lets break it down together…

Lets say you generated 100 of these leads each week (EASY)…

And lets say you booked 20% of these leads for a call/appointment/demo (which equals to 20)

And then lets just theoretically say you close 1 out of 3 calls that you take (33% is the industry standard close-rate)

That would mean you’ve closed around 6 deals for the week (Rinse and Repeat the next weeks too)

Now lets low-ball it and say you only charge a setup fee of $500 (Total low-ball)…

This would mean you’ve added $3,000 to your agency in a week! (And that’s just the upfront payments!)

When the recurring piece comes into play this stacks up to huge amounts of monthly income…

If it was again $500 but monthly recurring… Well two words for you… Compound effect

These numbers are theoretical of course… We haven’t accounted for the fact that…

1) Your retainer may be higher
2) Your close ratio might be stronger
3) Your follow up process might be more effective
4) You might generate more than 100 leads in the week

But you get the picture… The ROI you can generate from the Agency Leads-On-Demand Toolkit is nothing short of insane

Here is what others are saying…

“Closed over $15,000 from the leads he generated within just a few weeks!” – Ryan Litfin

What You’ll Discover Inside The Toolkit…

  • The simple positioning shift i made in my agency that allowed me to STOP chasing my tail hunting cold leads and instead have qualified prospects reach out to me (for less that $2 per lead)
  • My top secret Ad copy script i used to turn 413 complete strangers into piping hot leads for my agency (that you can model to see these results for yourself)
  • A complete psychological breakdown of the Ad Copy Script so that you can understand WHY it works and not just that it does (And why it works for almost ANY niche in ANY big city)
  • An A-Z walk-through of how i build these wildly profitable ads in the most efficient way possible so you can ‘knock it off’ in under 10 minutes (even if you’ve never ran an ad on facebook)
  • ​The exact follow-up system i use to consistently and strategically convert these leads into high-ticket clients for my agency (even if you’re the introverted type)
  • ​How to utilise an ‘unknown’ feature to pull extra leads seemingly ‘out of nowhere’ and get the most out of the facebook advertising system


The Inbound Agency Private Group
So you can ask questions, strategize and get help from previous students that are crushing it! We also share some killer scripts, bonuses and hacks to our private group only! The bonuses we share in here are more valuable than the cost of the course itself.

Inbound Automation Training
So that you can automate and delegate the ENTIRE prospecting and sales process to be profiting more deals than you can handle! We’ll show you the exact systems to use, how to hire out tasks and where to find killer sales teams to leverage.

Client Lead Generation Training
So that you can literally plug and play the best performing ad copies that are crushing it for us and our students. Don’t waste anymore time writing your own copy!

100% Money Back Guarantee
Our program has tons of happy students achieving fantastic results each and every day from the training provided. We are serious about our program and want you to take it seriously too which is why we offer a 100% money back guarantee if you can’t generate a single reply from your first 3 campaigns.
If you don’t see any results, show us proof and we’ll send your money back no questions asked.

What Are The Next Steps?
Step 1
Purchase The Agency Leads-On-Demand Toolkit
The first step is to order the toolkit by entering you information in the order form by clicking one of the buttons on this page. You will gain instant access.

Step 2
Watch The Training And Launch Your Campaigns
The next step is to go through the video training, see why it is so effective and then IMPLEMENT what is taught to setup your own profitable campaigns.

Step 3
Close Deals And Watch Your Agency Grow
Now that you have a stream of consistent highly-qualified leads… you get to focus on what really matters… closing deals and scaling you agency.

But Tom, Why Are You Sharing This Secret Strategy?
Well ya see, even if 10,000 crazy marketers were to jump into this training there just simply is too many different niches in too many different cities with too many different ad cycles for this to ever get saturated… No way José, Can’t happen… Period.

But also…

I want to reach back out to that guy 5 months earlier who was…

  • Tired of wasting all his time cold calling and cold messaging strangers, only to receive some brutal rejection…
  • Tired of having to spend countless hours ‘prospecting’ and letting whether he ‘felt like it or not’ determine the path of his agency…
  • Wasting many hours trying to come up with the ‘perfect message script’ only for it to be a complete flop…
  • ​Sick of never being able to convert any leads into paying clients because the quality of those leads were just dreadful…
  • ​Dealing with the most inconsistent source of leads ever… Would’ve been lucky to even have 1 lead a week…
  • ​Feeling as though he was running in circles and becoming more and more doubtful everyday…

… I wish i could reach out to that guy and tell him “Do this and you’ll get 10x better results, in a fraction of the time!”

Now obviously i can’t go back and change my ways, but i can however help as many of you in the same situation to make a choice i should have made long ago…

Taking on board an easy to implement system that you can easily ‘plug and play’ to start attracting high-quality leads for your business FAST!

Time Is Of The Essence…
Here’s why…

See i only have respect for those who are action takers working to change their lives…

Those are the people i want to have go through this course because they are the ones who will actually IMPLEMENT what is taught!

This is why i am limiting the amount of people i let into this course at its current price…

This will separate the real agency owners from the fakes…

Last chance to jump in before the price gets bumped up for good!

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